Profession of Volunteer Management

Steve McCurley & Rick Lynch
ch. 17, p. 320

As the season of national volunteer recognition events get underway, Sheri Wilensky Burke, associate director of the EveryoneReady® online volunteer management skill-building program, challenges leaders to recognize volunteers and their talents by investing in their development, what Sheri terms as “volunteer evolvement.”

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The principles and daily tasks of effective volunteer engagement are universal, no matter the setting. Yet, those of us who publish or plan conferences for the field find it a hard sell to attract an audience as diverse as the field itself. Find inspiration outside the familiar.

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Do you only go to conferences if your employer covers the costs? Do you value your own professional development enough to pay for it yourself? Once you're at an event, are you doing everything you can to make it priceless for your learning and enjoyment? Susan offers a lot of tips to broaden your perspective.

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Ivan H. Scheier
VOLUNTEER: The National Center for Citizen Involvement


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